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    Field Applications

    • Highways and road infrastructures such as bridges and viaducts, parking garage, culvert, etc.
    • Infrastructures in a marine environment such as wharf, sea wall, jetties, piers, piles, wave breakers, marine ramps, etc.
    • Structures in need of an electromagnetic neutrality like hospital’s MRI rooms, aluminum smelters, airports, manufacturing facilities’ flooring, military fittings, electrical substation, underground enclosures, etc.
    • Works in corrosive environments such as tanks and reservoirs for water and wastewater applications, farms, etc.
    • Works in contact with the ground such as slabs on ground, retaining walls, tunnel lining, etc.
    Fiberglass Rebar

    Why Fiberglass Rebar ?

    Studies on the effectiveness and durability of some rebar protection methods (increased concrete cover, high-performance concrete, cathodic protection, watertight membranes) have shown that they do not solve the corrosion problem. In some cases, it even gets accelerated.

    V?ROD fiberglass rebar offers many advantages to fully eliminate the corrosion problem. In addition, lab studies and field testing have shown that V?ROD fiberglass rebar could offer a life expectancy of over a hundred years in service conditions.

    A Future with Confidence

    Considered a solution for the future, V?ROD fiberglass rebar is also one of confidence. This recognition is strongly associated with the qualification process and its acceptance in generally known construction codes, as well as its adoption, within their own standards, by the authorities of numerous Canadian provinces, US states, and major cities across the globe.

    When Safety and Savings Go Together

    The use of V?ROD fiberglass rebar provides very significant savings while increasing the user’s safety.

    Savings on Life Cycle Cost
    Construction Savings
    Increased Safety for Owners and Users
    Green Product
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